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About our Product

Everything is custom made, just for you!

All our product is cut from hand selected, quality wood.

Our laser cut pieces are shipped unassembled and in their natural state, giving our customers the ability to design and be creative in the finishing. 

These decorative pieces are cut precisely with a laser cutter, leaving a lovely burnt, dark edge.

Our blanks (both round and square) have natural edges.


How does it work?

Select the theme / kit you love.

Select a Tiered Shelf or a Shelf Sitter

(to put your display on)

Cow flat.jpg
wagon 1.jpg
Farmhouse crate.jpg

Paint the pieces and display them on the shelf you selected.






These are sample pieces ... what your purchase will look like when you receive it. You then have the ability to design and create and make it your own!

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